Meet Milad

Dear fellow Conservatives,

My name is Milad Mikael and I am proud to be a nominee for the Conservative Party in the riding of Mississauga-Centre. I also sincerely appreciate your taking the time to review my literature to learn about me and why I am the most suited to represent the residents of Mississauga-Centre in Ottawa.

My family and I came to Canada seeking a better life. Canada o ered a good, safe, and stable life for us and we have embraced Canada for all the good it has and o ers to the people that live here.

We have lived in Mississauga for the past 10 years. Zizette, My wife is a Pharmacist, and I own and operate an Immigration Consulting Business employing several people. Previously I was a Director in a large International Corporation overseeing major infrastructure projects. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts as well as a Master of Business Administration and I believe in and continue with lifelong learning. Together Zizette and I have raised our children to understand the value of good hard work, a good education as well as contributing to our communities.

I have been an active member of the Arab Community Centre, a columnist, and a participant on numerous TV programs providing information about immigration as well as promoting Canada worldwide as the first-class country to live in.

I have also been active in my community and politically supporting candidates that I felt supported our neighborhoods and communities.

As a business owner, a family man, and a community leader I understand our community and know that we need a strong leader who will represent the residents of Mississauga- Centre properly in Ottawa. My
experience both in Immigration, business world, and in the community has provided me with a good unique understanding of the communities in Mississauga-Centre and will allow me to bring our good Conservative values and leadership to Ottawa.

I am asking for your support to be the next Federal Conservative Candidate for Mississauga-Centre.

Together, we can join Erin O'Toole to take on Trudeau and turn our riding blue.


Milad Mikeal

Milad’s Focus

Greater Accountability and Ethics

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal scandals have eroded trust in government. Should I earn the privilege to be your Member of Parliament, I pledge to always fight for transparency and accountability.

Lower Taxes for Families and Small Businesses

As a Conservative, I believe it’s people, not government, who ultimately know how best to spend their hard earned income. In Ottawa, I will always fight to put this principle into practice

A Plan to Protect our Environment

Future generations deserve to be left a environmentally sustainable planet. I will advocate for a real plan that leverages Canadian renewable technology to make this a reality