Milad Mikael

Meet Milad

Dear residents of Mississauga Erin-Mills,

I am honoured to introduce myself to you as a Nomination Candidate for the Conservative Party in the Mississauga Erin-Mills. I am deeply committed to restoring stability and prosperity to the residents of Mississauga Erin-Mills while diligently representing your interests in Ottawa.

In the 2019 election, I was proud to be the Conservative Candidate in Mississauga Centre. I am equally proud of my recent appointment as the National Outreach Coordinator in our Leader Pierre Poilievre's Leadership Campaign.

I came to Canada long ago, along with my family, and we were motivated by pursuing a better life here. Canada graciously offered us a safe, stable, and welcoming environment, for which we are immensely grateful. Our appreciation for this country and its diverse population is substantial.

My family and I are proud residents of Mississauga. My wife, Zizette, is a dedicated Pharmacist; our son Youhanna completed his Pharmacy degree, while I own and manage an Immigration Consulting Business employing several individuals. Before this, I was a significant Director in a prominent International Corporation, overseeing substantial infrastructure projects. My educational background comprises a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, two diplomas in Immigration, and a Master of Business Administration, reflecting my steadfast commitment to lifelong learning. Zizette and I have instilled in our son the values of hard work, a vital education, and community involvement. My active participation in our society, my role as a columnist, and frequent appearances on various television programs to provide immigration information and promote Canada's exceptional attributes globally have shaped me as a civic leader dedicated to enhancing our community.

As a business owner, a devoted family man, and a respected civic leader, I have a solid understanding of our community's needs. I recognize that we require a strong candidate who can best represent the residents of Mississauga Erin-Mills in Ottawa. My extensive experience in immigration, the business sector, and community engagement position me in a unique way to carry our Conservative values and leadership to the national stage. I humbly seek your support to become the next Federal Conservative Candidate for Mississauga Erin-Mills.

I invite you to join our Leader, Pierre Poilievre and myself to make a better future for Canada and all the people of Mississauga Erin-Mills.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Milad Mikael